Suzy Sulaiman

copyright (c) Suzy Sulaiman 2019

​Artist / Designer / Curator


Transi(en)t Penang

Project Glocal series

Collaboration project over 3 countries: Philippines, Taiwan ROC & Malaysia 

August 2014

Merata Suara is an exhibition showcasing 5 commissioned artworks. What began as a simple offer to represent marginalised voices gradually evolved into a productive disorientation: our location partners became central to the creative process, leading the discourse as our artists assumed the role of platform providers. This rich and humbling 6-month exercise compelled us to question many of our political assumptions, leading to a synergy where collaborators became friends. 

The 4 installations and 1 performance in Merata Suara present conversations expressed in visual and spatial form. Each work represents a blending of artist and location partner standpoints, levelling the discursive field ("merata"). We hope to offer art that extends merely aesthetics considerations towards a collaborative micro politics that unsettles taken for granted binaries of power and powerlessness and the center-periphery divide.

Merata suara

9 Feb - 4 march 2018

Artists: Okui Lala, Yana Rizal, Poodien, Victoria Cheng & Eleanor Goroh

Curated by: suzy sulaiman
produced by: projek dialog
supported by the CANADIAN high commission.

(A Project Supported by The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives)

young contemporaries 2019

National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Jan -  july 2019


Media Art Kitchen: Reality Distortion Field

Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila

Japan Foundation 

2012 - 2013