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Kids + Community

Asia Dive, YCAM community workshop 2014

Yamaguchi Center for Arts + Media (YCAM), Yamaguchi, Japan

Suzy Sulaiman

Modus operandi

This was a 1 day workshop for kids between 7-12 years-old to conduct basic data collection from local business-owners within their community. I worked with YCAM curators Kumiko Idaka and Daiya Aida to research possible locations and assistance of local business owners in the shopping arcade. From there, we planned a path for the kids to conduct their survey for the workshop.

In small groups, the kids along with one YCAM staff, walked to 2-3 shops to conduct interviews and documentation. After lunch, we re-grouped at YCAM where the kids now had to prepare for a presentation to a public audience at 5 PM.

Learning Strategies

The mission of this workshop is for the child is undertake the tasks of a fieldwork researcher in order to connect with their surrounding community. Through the usage of recording devices like digital cameras and audio recorders, the child is able to separate themselves from the environment by taking on the role of an observer. This will allow for the child to extract what information he/she finds most interesting.

The last part of the workshop, where the child has to present his/her findings to an audience is to build their confidence of communicating their observations. By this strategy of turning the ‘student’(observer) into a ‘teacher’(presenter) reinforces the new knowledge that the child gained throughout his/her participation in this workshop.