Workshop: Let’s Eat and Cook Curry!
Date: November 2015
Location: YCAM, Japan

The mission of this workshop was to create a space where people of different ages and background can create together. In Japan, I found its society is divided in terms of gender-based roles. The salary-man and the stay-at-home housewives who look after the children. It is normal practice for the women to assume all household and care-taking duties once she becomes a mother. There is a big need for alternative spaces where mothers can come together with their kids to share and learn, without feeling a burden to others.

With the help of the curators at YCAM, I pulled together a Malaysian food cooking workshop program.

I have observed that “food” as the medium has the power to connect people regardless of age, gender and background. Somehow, an empty stomach, brings us together as humans!

 Also, as a Malaysian mother traveling with her daughter on this research to Japan, I felt that connecting relationships were a matter of survival

Let’s Eat and Cook Curry! (2015)

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), Japan

Suzy Sulaiman

copyright (c) Suzy Sulaiman 2019

​Artist / Designer / Curator