Artist's statement

This motley coloured structure is a prototype playground of the future, aptly called “Main-Main Media”, translated from Malay as “playful media” and is a collaboration project between installation artist, Suzy Sulaiman and media artist, Daiya Aida. Part of Aida’s research that spanned over 10 years where the first interactive playground was built based on children's feedback during playground meetings in Yamaguchi, Japan. Originally called Korogaru Pavillion, it was a research on future play spaces for kids undertaken by the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM). Korogaru is a Japanese word for “rolling”; an action where one’s body has close contact to the floor. ​ Direct contact between a human body and surfaces is fundamental to the design of Main-Main Media because the uneven floor surface is used to embed tech-based devices like sound, lighting, and network to coerce the kids to physically engage with the play-park.

By changing the physical environment inside the play park, such as hilly floor and communication tube, and media environment like programmable light, sound system, camera and microphone, are both set together seamlessly to let the kids discover and create new types of play and games. In a conventional playground one finds in an open park or apartment complex with a slide or see-saw, kids generally will play the same way because play has been conditioned. But in Main-Main Media, there are no rules for playing and children have to think creatively about new play.


Interactive play park (public art)
Commissioned by: Urbanscapes Arts Festival 2019 with sponsorship from Nippon Paint Malaysia.
Supported by: Interior Architecture Department, The Design School, Taylor's University

main-main media (2019)