Suzy Sulaiman

copyright (c) Suzy Sulaiman 2018

Ruang Kita / Our Space (2017)

Interactive installation

​Dimana (where are) Young exhibition

National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Production Team:

1) Mohd. Raziq bin A. Razak

2) Muhd. Zamarulxaman Abdullah

3) Norshyrul Syaaban b. Jamalydin

4) Mazlan b. Samawi

5) M.N. Hafiz Hamzah

6) Hailane b. Salam

7) Teja Sofea bt. Hailane

8) Mekulilo Ndeshipanda Kakonya

9) Amirul b. Roslan


Working within my limitation; I consistently juggle my roles as a homemaker, a post-grad student, a lecturer and an artist; the one thing that keeps me together is my ability to employ systems and strategies. In this work, I continuously look to simplify the components by creating a modular component. A good system consists of simple commands that are employed in different ways to create different composition.

Meaningful spaces are acquired through a connection between structure and its inhabitants. Without this connection, there is a lost of space.

I am fascinated with ways objects can be used as tools to connect people with a particular space. This artwork is based on origami folds to allow greater flexibility of form-making, whereby, this time the form becomes a temporary shelter. Ruang Kita is a space where people can seek temporary refuge from the woes of modern architecture.

​Artist / Designer / Curator