Dimana (where are) Young exhibition (2017)

101 Women Artists

National Art Gallery, Malaysia

National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Artist's statement

Working within my limitation; I consistently juggle my roles as a homemaker, a post-grad student, a lecturer and an artist; the one thing that keeps me together is my ability to employ systems and strategies. In this work, I continuously look to simplify the components by creating a modular component. A good system consists of simple commands that are employed in different ways to create different composition.

Meaningful spaces are acquired through a connection between structure and its inhabitants. Without this connection, there is a lost of space.

I am fascinated with ways objects can be used as tools to connect people with a particular space. This artwork is based on origami folds to allow greater flexibility of form-making, whereby, this time the form becomes a temporary shelter. Ruang Kita is a space where people can seek temporary refuge from the woes of modern architecture.

ruang kita (2017)