Modus Operandi

SERASI was a workshop series program for the community kids in the Padang Jawa area. Organized by Pusat Sekitar Seni (PSS) with funding from the National Art Gallery, a week-long program with workshops such as Gardening and Composting, Upcycling Art, Mural Painting and my workshop: video production.

Padang Jawa neighborhood can be considered a lower income area where many of the kids and youths face daily hardships that come from broken homes and poverty. SERASI workshop program not only provides a platform for creative expression but also provides life skills that may prove useful to children living under these conditions.

The neighborhood kids were divided into groups of 5-10 and were assigned to their workshop of their choice.

We started off with discussions on what kind of video should we make. My group had a keen interest in techno music and wanted to make a music video where they could also perform their dance skills.

We proceeded with simple tools familiarity exercises like photo-taking and story-boarding. On the 2nd day, we shot all the scenes needed for the music video. On the 3rd day, one of the group members focused on editing the video and it was presented to all the SERASI participants at the closing of the program.


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Serasi: Collaborative Arts + Environment  Workshop

Video Making Workshop

Pusat Sekitar Seni (PSS), Padang Jawa, Malaysia

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