​Artist / Designer / Curator

This site specific installation work are made out of PVC pipes that “curl” and “descend” on the different spaces like jungle vines. The culmination of these pipes enter a DJ console where sound collected from the microphones in specific rooms are mixed into a music. Visitors can enjoy the ambient music created by sound artist Yan Jun in real-time.. Yan Jun mixes the sound “live” for people to hear. The artwork is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The idea behind “Walls Have Ears” is about collecting “useless” sounds like toilet flushing, sink rinsing, chatter, bottles clinking; and repurposing them into a musical composition so that it can be appreciated by our ears again. These fragment sounds are then sewn together into a musical piece by Yan Jun, who carefully listens to every individual sound.

Otherwise, these ambient and “useless” sounds will just disappear into the background without us ever paying any attention to it.

Suzy Sulaiman

copyright (c) Suzy Sulaiman 2018

Walls Have Ears (2015)

Site-specific sound installation

Commissioned by ImagineKL

The Trex, Kuala Lumpur