Suzy Sulaiman

copyright (c) Suzy Sulaiman 2018

‚ÄčArtist / Designer / Curator

What we search for is often right in front of our eyes (2017)

Site specific video installation

"Space of Time" exhibition

International Women's Art Exchange Programme

George Town Festival in collaboration with Women's Art Festival. Gwanju, South Korea.

George Town's rich architectural heritage always serves as an inspiration for me. The exhibition venue; Whitaways Arcade; had an existing spiral timber staircase. I was immediately struck by the rustic beauty and charm of the staircase as an architectural element. At the same time, I connected with the spiral staircase metaphorically as it came to represent the current state of my life; that of a driving desire to search yet not really knowing what I am searching for. I come to conclude that. I am more driven by the question rather than the need to know the answer. We can never be at the same place twice because we are never the same person twice.