Suzy Sulaiman

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​Artist / Designer / Curator

Merata suara

9 Feb - 4 march 2018

Artists: Okui Lala, Yana Rizal, Poodien, Victoria Cheng & Eleanor Goroh

Curated by: suzy sulaiman
produced by: projek dialog
supported by the CANADIAN high commission.

(A Project Supported by The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives)

​Merata Suara was an exhibition that showcased 5 commissioned art pieces. What began as a simple offer to represent marginalized voices gradually evolved into a productive disorientation; our location partners became central to the creative process that lead the discourse where the artists assumed the role of platform providers. This rich and humbling 6-month excersise compelled us to question many of our political assumptions that lead to a synergy where collaborators became friends.

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Often what we search for is right in front of us (2017)

Rimba Nusa (2015)

Homage to Lunar Peaks 2.0 (2017)

Suzy is a trans-disciplinary artist who moves between the disciplines of art, architecture and media technology to explore human social dimensions.  Her artworks actively participate in the public sphere and often works on commission for festivals or corporate events. She co-directed and produced the Digital Art + Culture Festival (DA+C) ,  a writer, curator and a 2015 Japan Foundation Asia Center fellow  for her research in independent art spaces in Japan & south-east Asia.  She currently lectures at the interior-architecture school in a local university in malaysia.

"You May..." 

Single Channel Video Installation & Mosaic Plates (2018)


Artist-in-Residency (July - August 2018)
Curated by Dayang Yroala
Balles Artes Projects, Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bataan, Philippines

​My daughter, Teja and I were part of of a 12-day  flash artist-in-residency called NAMAMAHAY. For our project, we collaborated with tile and mosaic artisans at Las Casas to make bespoke mosaic plates. The plates depict stories of the past, present and future surrounding Casa Lubao. To fulfil the purpose of the plates, we hosted a dinner party at Casa Lubao where we cooked nasi lemak, a popular Malaysian dish. Mosaic artisans: Limuel B. Albanian, Maricel Fadul and Jomar Suarez (aka Youmae). 

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Homage to Lunar Peaks (2016)

Walls Have Ears (2015)

recent works: 2018

Homage to Lunar Peaks (2016)